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All KY anti-LGBTQ bills defeated

Ten anti-LGBTQ bills, and none got over the finish line.

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Via press release from the Fairness Campaign

Tonight the Kentucky General Assembly adjourned without advancing any anti-LGBTQ laws. Advocates like you successfully defeated ten bills aimed at restricting the health, rights, and well-being of LGBTQ Kentuckians.

Bills that posed the greatest threat included House Bill 47, a measure aimed at weakening local LGBTQ Fairness Ordinances across the state, Senate Bill 147, which would have restricted drag performances, and Senate Bill 239, a “conscience” clause for medical workers to deny care to patients based on moral objections. While several bills advanced in the legislative process, some even passing their chamber of origin, none became law.

This session stands in stark contrast to the last two Kentucky General Assemblies, which saw increasing attacks on LGBTQ Kentuckians, especially transgender kids.

“Today marks a massive victory in the fight against worsening hostility toward LGBTQ Kentuckians," shared Chris Hartman, Executive Director of the Fairness Campaign, Kentucky’s LGBTQ advocacy organization. “Over the last few months, thousands across the commonwealth stood fiercely in defense of their LGBTQ friends, family, and neighbors, and made it clear to lawmakers: enough is enough. The vast majority of Kentuckians support fairness and equality for all, and for the first time in years, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle spoke to that sentiment. Democrats and Republicans alike this session called for the expansion of Fairness Ordinances that protect LGBTQ Kentuckians from discrimination.

“Kentucky now joins other states across the South — including Florida, Georgia, and West Virginia — where nearly every single anti-LGBTQ measure introduced in these statehouses was defeated this year. As we celebrate this tremendous feat in the fight for equality, we look forward to building on this momentum to make Kentucky a state of fairness, where every person in our commonwealth can thrive.”

Trey Grayson, former two-term Republican Secretary of State of Kentucky and lobbyist for Kentucky Competes, a coalition of LGBTQ-supportive businesses, said:

“It’s clear that the anti-LGBTQ agenda is starting to fail, both in Kentucky and across the country – rightfully so. As a Christian and Republican, I’m pleased with the conservative lawmakers who voiced their support for local fairness ordinances that protect fairness for LGBTQ Kentuckians – and even more so, those who expressed the need to expand these protections statewide.

“It’s my hope that our leaders continue on this path of rejecting extremism, advancing equality, and focusing on legislation that will improve the health, well-being, and livelihood of all Kentucky families.”


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