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Dr. Neal Turpin is a recent PhD graduate of the University of Louisville’s School of Urban and Public Affairs, where he focused on public policy and participation, democratic structures, and efficiency. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Sara, working out at the Southeast YMCA, where the two of them met, and teaching Sunday school at Buechel Park Baptist Church. Neal also has an appreciation for trivia, movie scores, and the Muppets.
Polling location sign (photo by Steve Bott [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons)

Progressive policies win big in the midterms

Progressive policies were winners in the midterms, even in supposedly conservative states. Our own General Assembly should look at these winning policies.
Screen capture of SVI map via Direct Relief

Will Hurricane Florence hurt Kentucky? We’ve got a map.

Think Hurricane Florence won't affect us? Think again – East Kentucky could be hit hard, and there are six counties that are the most vulnerable.

The Ohio voter purge — will Kentucky be next?

The courts have upheld Ohio's voter purge system, resulting in the loss of voting rights for many. Will Kentucky be next, and what can we do about it?

Separating children: Our national Milgram study

By separating children, we show that the Milgram study is still relevant to American society. How do we stop, how do we learn, and how do we change?

Governor Bevin, Judge Shepherd, and self-handicapping

Bevin attacks the judge hearing his case? Seems dumb. But maybe he is using "self-handicapping" to keep from losing face if he loses. Neal Turpin explains.

Voting with disabilities? It’s tough in the Bluegrass

Being able to vote is fundamental to democracy, yet many still face serious barriers to casting a ballot. One such group is people with disabilities, who vote at a significantly lower rate. A report from Rutgers University has shown just how big a problem voting with disabilities actually is – especially for Kentucky.
Mass Shooting Stats in US

Despair and hope in the era of mass shootings

I have a 14-month-old son, and of course, I worry a lot. I worry about him falling; I worry about him outsmarting our cabinet locks. And from the day he was born, I haven’t gone into a single building without worrying about how to get him to safety if someone were to open fire while we were inside.

Preemption – Stealing Power from Our Cities

Preemption is when a higher govt level makes a law which overrides a lower level law. States are using this to quash progressive policies at the city level.

Let’s Stop the Hit-and-Kill Bills

There are bills popping up all over the country that would make the Charlottesville attack legal. It's time to stop these "hit-and-kill" bills.

FBI Director Garland?

Merrick Garland as the new FBI director is not likely, but the suggestion is interesting (and troubling) for a number of reasons.

Stop Asking About Salary Histories

Passing "ban the box" was a good step. Now it's time to stop asking about past salaries, and just pay people the salary they deserve.

Early Voting Bills Are a Step In the Right Direction

John Dewey said “the cure for the ailments of democracy is more democracy.” Therefore, it's good that KYGA17 is considering several early voting bills.