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Beshear responds to Cameron’s false ad

The Cameron campaign lied about Beshear’s position on gender-reassignment surgery for minors. Today, Beshear set the record straight.

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Today, Gov. Andy Beshear’s campaign released a new ad, “Parents,” that sets the record straight on Gov. Beshear’s position on gender reassignment surgeries for minors after Daniel Cameron and his allies were called out by fact checkers for ads that “mislead” voters. Cameron and his supporters have falsely claimed Gov. Beshear supports gender reassignment surgeries for minors – despite Gov. Beshear’s clear position that he does not support these surgeries and that these procedures do not happen in Kentucky. Meanwhile, Cameron continues to hold the position that politicians in Frankfort know better than Kentucky parents when it comes to their children.

“Andy Beshear has always been clear that he does not support gender reassignment surgery for minors – which doesn’t happen in Kentucky,” said campaign manager Eric Hyers. “Daniel Cameron and his allies are pushing a blatantly false attack because they know they can’t win talking about Cameron’s record, which includes supporting cuts to teacher pensions and backing schemes to divert money out of our public schools. As governor and as a father, Andy Beshear will always support parents, because he understands that parents know what’s best for their kids – not politicians in Frankfort or Washington.”


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