Biden’s big week – plus a visit w/ H-73 candidate Tommy Adams

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Guest Author

The Colonels cover Biden’s big week - including a compassionate visit to flood-ravaged EKY, as well as a couple of huge legislative wins, and how those wins put our two Senators and every Republican KY has sent to DC on the losing side of the ledger - with some extremely ugly votes from Sen. Rand Paul. Kimberly and Aaron also bring you a couple of remarkable guests - Tommy Adams joins us in the campaign corner - he’s the D nominee for the 73rd House District - Clark County and some of Fayette County, and he’s been taking a little time off the campaign trail to help with with the EKY search and rescue effort. Then we’ll discuss one of the MOST critical voting blocks in November - Young Voters - with Stephon Moore, the president of KY Young Democrats. And as always we close with our Call to Action!

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