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Bill filed for exceptions to state’s abortion ban

The narrowly-crafted bill has support from some Republicans.

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Senator David Yates (D-Louisville) talks about his bill to provide exceptions to the abortion ban. To the left is Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman, and to the right is Hadley Duvall, for whom the bill is named. (photo by Sarah Ladd of the Kentucky Lantern)

Kentucky state Senator David Yates, a Democrat from Louisville, held a press conference this morning to announce he will be filing a bill to add exceptions to the state’s total ban on abortion.

The bill is called “Hadley’s Law,” named for Hadley Duvall, the young woman featured in Governor Beshear’s campaign ad telling about her experience of being raped and impregnated by her stepfather. Duvall spoke at the press conference, saying she wants to give voice to victims of sexual abuse.

Sen. Yates said that the bill is crafted to be narrow in its scope, in order to get the broadest support possible. He noted that numerous Republicans had told him they support the bill in concept, but he is not sure how they will vote when it comes to the floor.

Yates also said that without exceptions to the abortion ban, survivors of sexual assault continue to be “violated by the state.”

The bill creates exceptions for survivors of rape and incest, women with nonviable pregnancies, and the health of pregnant women.

Governor Beshear also spoke at the press conference, and said that if the bill get to his desk he will sign it.


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