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Bill Tracker: Legislator Scorecard

The Forward Kentucky Legislator Scorecard is tied to our Key Legislation bill sheet and our positions on each bill on that sheet. The scoring has two components:

  • The Vote Index is the percentage of possible votes where the legislator voted in line with our position on the bill. (If we are for it, they vote for it, and vice versa.
  • The Total Score is a combination of how they voted, which bills they sponsored, and how strong our position was on the bill.
    • If we Strongly Support a bill and they vote for it, they get 5 points. If they vote against it, they get -5 points. (And the reverse if we Strong Oppose a bill.)
    • If our position is only Support or Oppose, the points are 3 and -3.
    • In addition, if they sponsor a bill we Strongly Support, they get a point. If they sponsor a bill we Strongly Oppose, they get a point taken away.

So, if a person sponsors a number of bills that we support, they could wind up with the highest Total Score, even if their Vote Index is not the greatest in the list.

Here’s the Scorecard, with more information under it.

More Notes

Summary Page

● You can sort each column by clicking on the column header. The default sort is on the Vote Index.
● Each legislator's name is a link to that lege's page, which opens in a new tab.
● You can use the Filter button to do some basic filtering.

Legislator Page

● At the top of the page is a good amount of information about the legislator.
● Under that is the legislator's vote record by category.
● Then, there are the votes that are included in the Vote Index. To the right is how they legislator voted. If the Y or N is green, they voted with us; if it is red, they voted against us.
● Finally, there is a list of bills they sponsored, and what points they gained or lost for sponsoring those bills.

Legislation Tab

● This tab shows all the bills that are being scored, along with the point ratings for each one.

Bill Score Tab

● This tab lists all the legislators and what points they got on each bill we are scoring.

Vote Index Tab

● This is a bar chart of all the legislators showing their vote index from highest to lowest. Hover over a bar to see which legislator it is. Click on the bar to go to their Legislator Page.


● The Maps tab shows a map of either the House or the Senate and the Total Score for the legislator in each district.


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