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Calls to Action and Bill Updates for Monday, 3/27

A good working list from Joanie Prentice, who has been tracking the important bills this session. Act and share!

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Governor Beshear has vetoed some legislation, signed some into law, allowed some to become law without his signature, and has not acted one way or the other (yet) on some. I love reading the reasons for the vetoes and thought you might too. I have linked them at the end of each bill that has been vetoed.

There are two Calls to Action in this update:

  • Calls to the Governor’s office to urge a veto on some remaining bills
  • Calls to the Lege to support or oppose some bills still in play

We have listed the phone numbers to call for each of these.

Action Needed – Bills that still need vetoes

Call the governor’s office at (502) 564-2611. You will be transferred to the governor’s message line, where you can leave your message about bills you want him to veto.

  • SB 5 – Book banning, anti LGBTQ
  • SB 7 – Anti-union, especially KEA, JCTA, anti-teacher/public schools staff
  • SB 75 – Slap at Lexington mayor & parking authority
  • SB 80 – Penalty enhancement; makes it harder for persons who are listed as registered sex offenders to get jobs, plus increased difficulty for unhoused persons
  • SB 163 – This one combined two bills: one about the Country Music Highway designees, and then another that slapped at Governor Beshear by making sure “Team KY” could not be listed as a slogan on KY license plates. Really??? We can only have “Bluegrass State,” United We Stand - Divided We Fall (I think we are there), and if the owner of the vehicle wants it, “In God We Trust.”
  • HB 3 – Juvenile Justice. While the intent to get Jefferson County youths returned to Jefferson County so they can be closer to family & legal teams is good, this bill mandates up to a 48-hour detention of children accused, but not convicted, of violent crimes. It also unseals juvenile records for three years, which will deter any return to normal life/job/housing, etc. (Dems opposed in House & Senate.)
  • HB 153 – Criminalizes KY law enforcement officers if they assist in enforcing any federal regulations or bans on guns, ammo, or  accessories.

Action Needed – Bills still in play in the Lege

Call the LRC Message Line at (800) 372-7181. They will take your personal information, then ask what message you want delivered and to whom you want it delivered. You can leave a message for just your reps, for just the members of a certain committe, for all House members or for all Senate members, or for all members of the legislature.

Remember that any bills passed on the last two days of the session can be vetoed afterward by the governor, and the veto holds because the Lege isn’t in session to override the veto.

Message to Senators to Support

HB 21 – Identity documents for unhoused folks. They added a motorcycle/license plate bill to it, but it’s still OK. Has passed House and had two readings in the Senate. Would need concurrence for the changes made in the Senate.

HB 196 – SAFE KY, Kentucky Mental Health Safety Center. Passed House. Has had two readings and passed out of Senate committee; is in Rules.

HB 349 – HIV is not a crime. Bipartisan sponsorship. Passed House, has passed out of Senate committee and has had 2 readings; in (S) Rules.

HB 353 – Decriminalize fentanyl testing strips. Passed House, has had two readings in the Senate but has not been heard in committee (Health Services).

HB 551 – Sports betting. Passed House; has passed out of Senate committee and has had 2 readings in the Senate; is in Rules.

Message to Senators to Oppose:

HB 101 – Anti-Covid. Prohibits schools from requiring vaccines. This is a “rile the base” bill. Sigh. House Dems opposed. Passed House, has had one reading in Senate and has not passed out of committee yet.

HB 225 – Anti Ky Bar Association (wants to make it voluntary & decrease its oversight authority). House Dems opposed. Passed House but has had no readings in Senate and is not assigned to a Senate committee. May be dead.

HB 230 – Voter registration roll “clean-up.” House Dems opposed. No readings in the Senate, has not been heard in the Senate State & Local Govt committee.

SB 129 (with HB 135 piggybacked on as HFA 2). SB 129 has to do with automated license plate readers and HB 135 has to do with autonomous vehicles (think driverless semis). Opposed by House & Senate Dems but passed both chambers with amendments. Is back in the Senate for concurrence with the changes.

Message to House Reps to Oppose

SB 104 – Changes the makeup of the KY Authority for Educational TV (KET) ... AND the Republicans are making it an Emergency (goes into effect as soon as it becomes law). I believe they are eventually coming for KET. There was a comment made during Senate floor debate that was derogatory about KET covering legislative sessions; do they want to operate in more secrecy? It passed the Senate with Dems opposing. Has had two readings in the House, has NOT been heard in committee (House State Govt).

SB 115 – Anti-Drag. Passed Senate (Dems opposed) and has had one reading in House. It has not been assigned to committee in the House. They can move it as fast as they want to – and remember, they changed the House rules on day 1 of the session that allows them to waive the 2nd & 3rd readings.

Message to House Reps to Support

SB 47 – Legalize medical marijuana. Passed Senate. Had had one reading in House. Has not been heard in committee yet.

SB 79 – Safe at Home, protections for victims of domestic violence. Passed House, has passed out of Senate committee & has had two readings in the Senate. On the Orders of the Day.

Actions by the Governor on Bills


At the end of each bullet is the link to the reason for the veto.

  • SB 65 – Anti administrative regs (slap at Gov Beshear). Vetoed 3/24 (veto reason link).
  • SB 107 – Slap at Dr. Jason Glass; would make Ky Dept of Education commissioner subject to Senate confirmation and limit term to 4 years. Vetoed 3/24 (veto reason link).
  • SB 122 – Petty slap at Gov. Beshear to limit the number of parking spaces and give them all to the LRC and legislature. Really??? Vetoed 3/24 (veto reason link).
  • SB 126 – Another attempt to try to change judicial venues out of Franklin County for constitutional issues. Vetoed 3/24 (veto reason link).
  • SB 150 – The omnibus, worst in the nation, anti-trans bill. Combined HB 470 & SB 150 in a last-minute, under cloak of secrecy, foul shenanigan move of the Republican legislators. Disgusting bill that will harm children in KY. Vetoed 3/24 (veto reason link).
  • SB 226 – Environmental permitting that loosens regulations so it is easier to pollute Ky water. Dems opposed. Vetoed 3/24 (veto reason link).
  • HB 568 – Changes in the Public Defender system. I don’t understand the legalese but Dems in House & Senate opposed. Vetoed 3/24 (veto reason link).
  • SB 37 – Pharmacists from out of state. Vetoed 3/24 (veto reason link).
  • HB 4 – Merchant electric generating facilities. Vetoed 3/24 (veto reason link).
  • HB 329 – Government contract review. House Dems opposed. Senate Dems approved unanimous. Vetoed 3/24 (veto reason link).
  • HB 519  – Board composition, tourism commissions. Vetoed 3/24 (veto reason link).

Filed w/o governor’s sig

  • SB 4 – Impede decommissioning coal fired plants

Signed by governor

  • HB 236 – Anti-ESG re state administered retirement system investment plans. KY wants to prohibit investment advisors from investing in things that protect the environment, or other socially responsible topics. It all has to be about how much money  an investment portfolio can make. It’s a national strategy being pushed by Republicans. Signed on 3/24.
  • HB 302 – Election changes. Opposed by Dems in House & Senate. Signed on 3/24.
  • HB 538 – Discipline of students. Opposed by House & Senate Dems. Signed on 3/24.
  • HB 547 – Teachers’ religious rights in school. Many Dems opposed in House & Senate (not all). Signed on 3/24.

Other bills

These are various bills that we're not sure about, but want to call your attention to. If you have insight into any of them, add it in the comments below.

SB 48 – Lots of changes in CHFS. Dems in House & Senate opposed.

SB 62 – Exemption to open records; some Dems in House & Senate opposed.

SB 145 – Interscholastic sports. House Dems opposed, Senate was not opposed.

SB 169 – Public/private partnerships with school systems. Dem Senators opposed, House Reps supported.

HB 39 – KY Horse Park shake-up. Probably a slap at Gov. Beshear, but I don’t understand the language. House & Senate opposed at different parts of the legislative process.

HB 360 – A complicated tax bill. Looks like the Republicans are trying to grant a whole lot more tax exemptions & House Dems opposed. It went to a Free Conference Committee (House opposed & Senate OK’d).


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Joanie Prentice

Joanie Prentice is a Mom, Grandma, RN and a self-anointed “Legislative Nerd.” She is an activist who is passionate about educating voters. (Read the rest on the Contributors page.)

Louisville, KY



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