Rep. Charles Booker at the Secretary of State's office in Frankfort, filing to run for Senate in 2022
Rep. Charles Booker at the Secretary of State's office in Frankfort, filing to run for Senate in 2022 (photo provided by the Booker campaign)

Charles Booker officially files to run for Senate against Rand Paul

Says "This is for all of us" as he files

Forward Kentucky
Forward Kentucky

(Via press release from the Booker campaign)

On the first day of qualifying for the 2022 elections, former State Representative Charles Booker filed to run for U.S. Senate in 2022 against Rand Paul.

“I’m honored to take this stand for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I feel the weight of history on my shoulders, I feel my ancestors with me. I am proud to be a Kentuckian; we deserve this moment, this is for all of us,” Rep. Booker said of his run for U.S. Senate. “We’re going to beat Rand Paul because this is bigger than him. This is about the people of Kentucky, this is about the challenges that we are facing, that we are sick of being ignored and abandoned and left behind. We’ve seen poverty for too long, we’ve seen industries leave and never come back. Our governor is doing great work in the face of a lot of challenges, but we need leadership at the federal level that cares about our lives.”

One of Rep. Booker’s key tenets for his campaign is ensuring that the resources that go into it are fed right back into Kentucky communities, putting an emphasis on servant leadership and the deep, relational organizing needed to deliver big wins in 2022 and beyond.

“I’m mounting a campaign that’s focused on Kentuckians from the hood to the holler and everywhere in between based on our common bonds. This isn’t about Party, this is about the people. We’re going to win because of the truth – the truth is if we stand together, if we come together we can move mountains, we can do all things and I’m proud to say that Kentucky’s gonna tell a new story and send a young Black man from the hood to Washington to represent them,” Rep. Booker continued.

“You have to run races that speak to people, that meet them where they are, that are based on organizing, deep relational organizing. There are a lot of places in Kentucky that have been ignored for so long and those divisions are weaponized. Hate and racism is weaponized, and we disarm that by going to people, meeting them where they are, lifting up a vision that speaks to them on the ground and there’s no substitute for organizing. We have to inspire folks, because a lot of people have checked out of the political process. People know that when I show up I really care about them and that transcends party and we’re gonna show what an organizing campaign unlike any other can look like in a place like Kentucky, and we will win.”

Rep. Booker’s mother Ms. Hearn and longtime Russell neighborhood leader and activist Ms. Jackie witnessed his filing, along with his wife Tanesha and daughters Kaylin, Prestyn, and Justyce who attended in support.


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