Charles Booker statement on Ukraine

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Forward Kentucky

The Booker campaign shared the following statement from Charles Booker, candidate for U.S. Senate:

“Over the past day, my family — and millions of families across the globe — watched in horror as Russian missiles leveled residential communities, forcing civilians to take cover in subway stations and makeshift bomb shelters.

“Russia’s actions are not only a clear violation of international law, they are a violent attack on democracy itself, and I strongly condemn them. The world cannot afford yet another endless war.

“As the global community works on solutions to bring this conflict to an end, we have a responsibility as the world’s oldest democracy to lead with diplomacy and humanity. We must meet this responsibility and immediately increase our capacity to accept refugees fleeing Ukraine.

“Kentuckians firmly understand the importance of standing up for family. Together, we stand ready to offer shelter to those who have lost everything in this reckless act of aggression by Russia.

“We cannot lose sight of the human costs of this conflict. It is expected that tens of thousands of Ukrainians could lose their lives in this war, and millions more will leave everything behind to protect their families. My family and I are praying for them.

“Real people — children, parents, students — will bear the true cost of this war. We must not turn our backs on them now.”


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