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A constituent writes to Mitch McConnell

Guest Author
Guest Author

The following letter was sent to Senator Mitch McConnell, and is shared here with the permission of the author.

Dear Senator McConnell:

I have often thought of what I would say to you if we were to meet in person. As an often elected person, representing my district, benefiting from our democratic process, and by your sworn oath, dedicated to upholding our democratic process – how can you oppose the Freedom to Vote Act?

You have set yourself up as the new ‘Jim Crow’ with other Republicans blocking passage of The Freedom to Vote Act, a bill that would enable more Americans to participate in our political system, establish common sense standards to reassure all Americans their voices matter, and protect their right to vote.

As NEA President Becky Pringle said, “Most of us believe that our elected leaders should reflect the very best of every kind of American and govern for all of us, no exceptions. And protecting our democracy should transcend race, place, and political persuasion.” Don't you agree?

What is so wrong with standardizing the way we vote in this country? It would allow more legally qualified Americans to vote, simplify results and you don't seem to want them to have this right. The right to vote is the foundation of any democracy.

Please reconsider your opposition to the Freedom to Vote Act so all Americans
can participate in our democracy.


Holly Erwin


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