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Dem candidate Emma Curtis releases platform

Emma Curtis, who is running for Lamin Swann’s open seat, released her platform today.

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Via press release from the Curtis campaign

Historic state House candidate Emma Curtis released her platform today, detailing a series of pragmatic, progressive policy proposals to modernize Kentucky’s economy and level the playing field for all Kentuckians. In a dozen points on her website, she articulated her views on affordable housing, public education, reproductive justice, and building an economy that puts working people first.

Curtis is an independent filmmaker and lifelong Kentuckian who resides in South Lexington. She was mentored by her predecessor, the late Rep. Lamin Swann, the General Assembly’s first-ever wheelchair user and a passionate advocate for social justice, and is highly motivated to carry on his legacy of breaking barriers. Curtis believes the next representative for the 93rd district should carry Swann’s torch by standing up for the issues that motivated him as passionately as he did.

“So far, it seems like people have wanted to talk about my identity in this race. I want to talk about the issues in this race—affordable housing, public education, reproductive justice, and our economy—and how they are affecting families in South Lexington,” Curtis said.

Curtis’s platform can be accessed on her website,


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