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Do you know the other five Dems running this fall?

Everyone has heard of our governor, Andy Beshear, and our lieutenant governor, Jacqueline Coleman. But as we head toward the election in November, do you know the other five Democrats running for statewide office? If not, here’s a brief introduction to each one.

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Everyone has heard of our governor, Andy Beshear, and our lieutenant governor, Jacqueline Coleman. But as we head toward the election in November, do you know the other five Democrats running for statewide office? If not, here’s a brief introduction to each one, along with a link to their campaign web site.

Colonel Pam Stevenson for Attorney General

Pam Stevenson
Colonel Pam Stevenson

Colonel Pam grew up with her life and community centered around the church her grandfather founded: Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, in the heart of Louisville. The values she learned there—Faith, Family, and Service—called her into a career of service as a J.A.G. attorney in the U.S. Air Force, as the founder of a nonprofit providing free legal services to veterans, as a State Representative, and now as our candidate for Attorney General. In 11 countries, she has proudly represented Kentucky’s values to the world. ...

In her 27 years in the Air Force, Colonel Pam saw firsthand that freedom has a high cost. She will be a freedom fighter to protect Kentuckians from extreme legislation by the GOP legislature that wants the government to make decisions for Kentucky’s families. She will never be a rubber stamp for politicians. ...

With a J.A.G. career that spanned 4 continents, Colonel Pam prosecuted crimes, defended the innocent, represented service members and the Air Force in civil matters, and taught human rights and justice. With 39 years of legal experience at the local, state, federal, and international levels, Colonel Pam is one of the most qualified candidates ever to seek the office of Attorney General.

Rep. Buddy Wheatley for Secretary of State

Buddy Wheatley
Buddy Wheatley

Twice-elected State Representative Buddy Wheatley has responded to the call of public service for more than three decades. A fourth-generation Covington firefighter, Buddy retired as Covington Fire Chief and now works as an attorney for Kentucky’s first responders. ...

Buddy Wheatley’s 20-year career as a Covington firefighter is part of a family legacy that spans four generations. Along with his brother, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, the Wheatley family represents nearly 100 years of firefighting service to the people of Covington.

Buddy finished his firefighter career serving as Fire Chief of the Covington Fire Dept. from 2005-2008. He attended NKU’s Salmon P. Chase Law School while serving as Fire Chief, eventually launching a career as a solo labor attorney, working on behalf of public sector labor unions. Buddy served as union vice-chair of the American Bar Association’s State and Local Government Collective Bargaining subcommittee, 2016-2019.

Michael Bowman for Treasurer

Michael Bowman
Michael Bowman

Michael Bowman is a sixth generation Kentuckian and the proud son of a union home. ... Growing up, Michael was involved in the arts, sports, was a student leader, and worked his way through high school. As Michael worked to complete his degree at the University of Louisville, he became even more involved in his community. He has served in leadership positions – for Parks Alliance of Louisville, and the Southwest Festival Committee – and has worked as an aide at City Hall. ...

His dedication and passion for service led him to work for Kentuckians under Governor Andy Beshear as a top admin where he helped solve problems in education and workforce development, and helped create economic opportunities across Kentucky. No matter where Michael has served, he has demonstrated leadership, problem solving, and consensus building to get things done for regular folks.

While working in Frankfort, Michael has seen the pay-to-play culture of out of touch Republicans and how it blocks out the voices of too many Kentuckians, leading to dirty water in our communities, an opioid crisis, attacks on our schools and teachers, and more. What’s more, he has seen dangerous radicals push policies like the abortion ban with no exceptions. He knows enough is enough.

Sierra Enlow for Ag Commissioner

Sierra Enlow
Sierra Enlow

Sierra grew up on a multi-generation family farm in LaRue County and attended the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture where she received undergraduate degrees in Community & Leadership Development and Agricultural Economics. Sierra completed her Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics in 2012, also at the University of Kentucky. Sierra also serves on the board of directors for the Kentucky Association for Economic Development.

She serves as an economic development consultant to communities and companies as they evaluate opportunities to grow and expand. Sierra has worked extensively in both the private and public sides of economic development to create strategies supporting expanding companies, redevelopment projects and new commercial opportunities.

Sierra’s work in the private sector has facilitated close to $1B dollars of new economic investment for Kentucky. Sierra’s previous clients include large manufacturers, family-owned businesses, and tech start-ups. Sierra’s work with these clients helps facilitate corporate growth while deepening the relationship between the community and the employer. Sierra worked with the economic development teams at both Louisville Forward and Greater Louisville, Inc to develop strategies focused on supporting tech-enable businesses and co-working spaces as Louisville Metro Government adapted to the new economy of work. 

Kim Reeder for Auditor

Kim Reeder
Kim Reeder

Kim Reeder is a tax attorney and the Democratic candidate running for Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts. She grew up poor in Rowan County, part of eastern Kentucky, as the oldest child of a mother who was one of eleven and married at the age of 16. Despite the challenges of her upbringing, Kim’s mother instilled in her a strong work ethic and a determination to succeed. Kim worked hard to overcome her humble beginnings and earned acceptance into Yale University, where she graduated with a degree in Political Science. She then went on to earn a Master of Public Policy from Duke University and a law degree from the University of North Carolina Law School.

After graduating, Kim worked for some of the best law firms in the country, earning recognition in 2011 as one of the top 10 tax attorneys in the nation by industry publication State Tax Notes. In 2014, Kim made the difficult decision to return to Kentucky to help care for her mother who was dying. After her mother’s passing, Kim stayed in her home state and during a teacher shortage became a full-time substitute teacher to help a teacher taking maternity leave. This experience led her to obtain a teaching certificate and ultimately to teach in some of the most disadvantaged classrooms in Kentucky. ...

Kim's commitment to public service and her passion for education and social justice led her to running for Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts. Even with her success as a tax attorney, Kim understands the importance of giving back to her community and fighting to ensure our tax dollars are not being wasted or misspent. Kim's personal experience growing up poor has given her a unique perspective on the challenges facing many Kentuckians today. Her commitment to serving her community is rooted in her belief that everyone deserves a fair shot at success, regardless of their background or economic circumstances. If elected, Kim will work tirelessly to shine the light of the Auditor’s office to improve the lives of all Kentuckians.


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