Do you live here? Then you’ve got an election next Tuesday.

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When Rep. Reggie Meeks resigned his House 42 seat, his resignation was immediate. Thus, there is an election to choose his replacement set for next Tuesday, February 22nd.

The two candidates running for the seat are Keturah Herron (Dem) and Judy Martin Stallard (Repub). They both live in the 40208 ZIP code.

Here’s a link to the 42nd District map. (We’re using the old map for this election, not the new one.) It’s a very large file, since it is detailed down to the street level and so you can zoom in.

Here’s a JPEG of the map, just so you can see the basics.

To find out where you vote, go to the Jefferson County Where Do I Vote page.

To learn about early voting, including in-person, go to this info page.

More info from Honi Goldman:

  • If you have requested a mail in absentee ballot, a dropbox for mail–in absentee ballots for the special election is located at the Election Center, 1000 East Liberty Street, Louisville, KY 40204.
  • In-person absentee locations for Special Election in 42nd Legislative District will be on Thursday thru Saturday, February 17, 18, and 19 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Locations:
    • Jefferson County Clerk's Office Election Center, 1000 E. Liberty St., Louisville, KY 40204
    • St. Stephen Baptist Church, 1508 W. Kentucky St., Louisville, KY 40210

Go vote!


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