Election Central: Race Pages

Here are all the competitive races, along with links to their individual race pages. We will update the race pages as we get more data (like finance reports), and will note the updates on the Election Central Change Log.

Note that the table is sortable by clicking on a column header. To reset the sort, just refresh the page.

Dist Names Race Page
CD 1 Ausbrooks, Comer
CD 2 Guthrie, Linderman
CD 3 Cobble, McGarvey
CD 4 Lehman, Massie, Osborne
CD 5 Halbleib, Rogers
CD 6 Barr, Cravens, Froedge, Young
H 02 Heath, Holloway
H 04 Hobgood, Williams
H 08 Dossett, Thomas
H 09 Crockam, Dossett
H 11 Dixon, Dowdy
H 12 Gooch, Lossner
H 13 Johnson, Johnson
H 15 Hernandez-Stevenson, Raymer
H 20 Jackson, Minter
H 25 Bratcher, Leonard
H 28 Bauman, Miller
H 29 Bratcher, Pfaadt
H 31 Foster, Witten
H 33 Nemes, Turner
H 37 Callaway, Donohue
H 38 Breitenbach, Roarx
H 39 Lockett, Mitchell
H 41 McKeehan, Raymond
H 46 Gentry, Mulvey-Woolridge
H 47 Browning, Rabourn
H 48 Fleming, Sorolis
H 51 Pollock, Wheeler
H 53 Burley, Tipton
H 54 Elliott, Wilson-Reddy
H 56 Fister, Vandegrift
H 57 Graham, Stratton
H 61 Angel, Maddox
H 62 Pratt, Robinson, Toller
H 64 Isaacs, Moser
H 65 Dietz, Wheatley
H 66 Montgomery, Rawlings
H 67 Gearding, Roberts
H 68 Clines, Jones
H 69 Brown, Doan
H 70 Brannon, Lawrence
H 73 Adams, Dotson
H 74 Deskins, Hale
H 77 Brown, Cunningham
H 84 Combs, Fugate
H 85 Baker, Vaught
H 87 Bowling, Smith
H 88 Coleman, Stevenson
H 89 Oliver, Truett
H 91 Jackson, Wesley
H 93 Swann, Whalen
H 94 Hatton, Justice
H 95 Laferty, Spencer
H 99 Anderson, White
H100 Criss, Sharp
S 04 Mills, Pritchett
S 06 Tichenor, Easley
S 12 Bledsoe, Setser-Kissick
S 16 Engle, Wise
S 20 Barton, Williams
S 22 Douglas, Eddy
S 26 Berg, Peden
S 30 Allen, Smith
S 34 Carpenter, Cintra
Senate Booker, Paul