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Happy IRAnniversary!

The Inflation Reduction Act is only 1 year old, but its climate provisions are getting more and more popular, even among Repubs. Here’s the numbers.

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She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s popular in all 50 states. That’s right: she’s the Inflation Reduction Act! Last year, Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act, a landmark piece of legislation that lowered healthcare costs, confronted climate change, and created jobs for millions of Americans. 

To mark this momentous paper anniversary, Data for Progress surveyed national voters to assess how support for key climate provisions of the IRA has shifted since the midterm elections. And no surprise, we find that support for the IRA’s key climate provisions remains strong across partisan lines. For example, 73% of national voters support ramping up the production of American-made clean energy technologies, including 84% of Democrats, 68% of Independents, and 67% of Republicans. Slay!

Another crucial slay to mention: Republican support for climate provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act has increased in the past year. Clean energy tax credits for businesses saw an 8 percent increase in support (from 49% to 57%), and Republican support for the IRA’s fair wage and Made in America standards also rose from 69% to 75%. A bipartisan queen! 

So on the IRA’s first birthday, let’s celebrate how much it has accomplished already. Keep up the good work, kid! You’re helping to save the planet one clean energy tax credit at a time.

Read the full brief and polling here.


Written by Grace Adcox, Danielle Deiseroth, and Catherine Fraser. Cross-posted from Data for Progress.

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