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Headlines for 5/2

News and headlines as we head toward the Run for the Roses!

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“We don’t negotiate with economic terrorists”
It’s time for President Biden to make it clear to Kevin McCarthy and the House Repubs: Sorry. We don’t negotiate with terrorists.
What sort of governor would the Repub candidates be?
We’re with Beshear, all the way. But what if (heaven forbid) one of the Repubs actually won? What sort of governor would they be? Let’s talk about it.
Craft and Cameron bring out the boxing gloves for KET debate
Monday marked first time the two Republican frontrunners shared a debate stage.
NKY attorney, Craft supporter files ethics complaint against Attorney General Daniel Cameron
Cameron’s campaign received donations from a company suing the state.
Straub on Tuckums
Tucker Carlson is unemployed – but he won’t be for long, Bill Straub says. In fact, the job offers have already started.
Deters files lawsuit challenging Craft residency
The Eric Deters campaign claims Kelly Craft’s legal residency is Oklahoma with her husband, not Kentucky.
Happy Labor Day!
Oh wait – you didn’t know it was Labor Day? That’s because the “powers that be” don’t want you to know. Read on to learn more.
The school year will soon end – but a new strategy to dismantle public education is just beginning
Yes, there are powerful interests in our country to want to get rid of our public schools. Jason Bailey lays out who – and why.

Top Headlines from Other Sources

Biden administration warns U.S. House GOP debt limit bill would slash education – U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on Tuesday said House Republicans’ debt limit proposal would cut vital education programs and harm vulnerable students across the U.S., such as those who are low income or have a disability. “It would be taking us backwards,” Cardona said on a call with reporters. (Kentucky Lantern)

Campbell County Republican Party chair removal won’t stand, state GOP says – The Republican Party of Kentucky told leaders of the Campbell County GOP that the attempted removal of its chair and treasurer wouldn’t stand because the members who called the meeting didn’t have the authority to do so. (LINK nky)

Pikeville can continue banning guns at Eastern KY arena, state Supreme Court rules – A lawsuit challenging a city of Pikeville ban on bringing guns inside Appalachian Wireless Arena should be dismissed because of a lack of evidence, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled Thursday. (Herald-Leader)

Other Headlines

Alan Keck releases first ad decrying negative attack ads (KY Fried Politics)

New EPA rule would affect 4 Louisville chemical plants, provide air monitoring in West End (Courier-Journal)

Louisville community signs petition urging gun reform to keep pressure on Kentucky lawmakers (WHAS)

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The Daily Wrap for Thursday, 5/23

The Daily Wrap for Thursday, 5/23

Still some wrap-up from Tuesday’s primary, including late calls of winners and possible recounts. Plus, some breaking news in the tweets below, and a cool story about a possible billboard (or billboards!) in west Kentucky.

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