House passes omnibus anti-abortion bill

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The Kentucky House today passed a multi-faceted anti-abortion bill, HB 3, on a party-line vote. The vote took place after two hours of debate, and after numerous floor amendments were defeated, including one that would have made exceptions for rape and incest.

The bill makes it harder for minors to get abortions; stops mail-order abortion pills and says they must be prescribed by a doctor; requires the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to provide information about abortion-reversing drugs; puts in place numerous regulations related to “fetal remains”; and blocks any public agency funding of any organization that “performs, induces, refers for, or counsels in favor of abortions.”

The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Nancy Tate (R-Brandenburg) consistently objected to calling the bill an “anti-abortion” bill. Instead, she said that the bill was intended to improve the delivery of health care around abortions.

As reported by the Associated Press, a number of female representatives in the House spoke out against the bill.

“They erode, erode, erode our rights to try and wear us down and wear us out until we get too tired to fight," said Democratic Rep. Josie Raymond. "They do a pretty good job. But ultimately you will see that there are more of us ... who believe deeply in the power of women to make decisions about the direction of their own lives. And we won’t get tired.”

“At what point do we get out of other people’s bedrooms, out of other people’s lives, out of other people’s medical decisions and take care of the people that are here?” said Democratic Rep. Pamela Stevenson.

The bill now heads to the Senate, where it is also expected to pass.


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