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Is God a Republican or a Democrat?

If you’re near Jackson, you might want to attend this event.

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Many folks, and a number of pastors, believe that you can’t be a Christian and also be a Democrat. Some have actually said that if God registered for a political party, it would definitely be as a Republican.

The Breathitt County Dems have decided to put the question on the floor for discussion.

Next Monday, May 8th, they are hosting an event at Jackson City Hall where Ervine Allen, the local Property Valuation Administrator (PVA), will speak to the question. Allen is a Sunday School teacher and a Democrat, so he may be biased one way or another – but the discussion is bound to be interesting, regardless.

The event takes place from 6 to 6:30 pm on Monday at the Jackson City Hall, 333 Broadway. It is free and open to all, with drinks and snacks provided by Showtime Pizza.


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