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It's Time for Progress Kentucky

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It’s time to speak up. It’s time to organize. It’s time for Progress Kentucky.

With the election of Matt Bevin as governor of Kentucky, and the growing strength of right- and far-right politics in our state, it has become obvious to me that we need a state-wide organization devoted to liberal/progressive values and policies, and to electing politicians that support those goals. The first step is the relaunch of the Progress Kentucky brand: this web site, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account.

This will not be easy. We know that. The 2015 election gave us a Republican governor and other officials, and shifted the balance of power in Frankfort. Disastrous policies that we hoped would never see the light of day now have a chance to actually become law. The old coalitions are cracking, the old warriors are tired, and the regressives have the momentum.

Frankly, it is exactly those dire circumstances that have prompted me to build this site and launch this work. We need a progressive voice in the state that is constant, insistent, and bold. We need to speak truth to power and give power to the truth. We must organize, we must advocate, we must elect, and we must show that good government and progressive values are the best way to make a positive difference.

Now more than ever, we cannot be silent. Now more than ever, we must fight for government that works for all, and not just for the rich and powerful. Now more than ever, we must hold ALL our elected officials, no matter their party, to the goal of advancing our state and all our people. And that means pushing for effective progressive/liberal solutions to the problems facing us.

It’s time for progress, Kentucky, not retreat. It’s time for Progress Kentucky.

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