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Post-pandemic, KY returns to world-high incarceration rate Subscribers Public

After a drop due to the COVID pandemic, new research found Kentucky is once again crowding more people into jails and prisons. The Bluegrass State has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, and some experts believe it is a direct result of state legislation keeping men and

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KYGA22 Update for 3/9 Subscribers Public

LRC KYGA Page    ●    KET Streams of KYGA    ●    LRC Comment Line    ●    Feedback Notes from Bruce For anyone looking for an example of a bill bypassing the required

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League of Women Voters responds to Republicans’ House Map Subscribers Public

According to LWVKY, there are some good things in the map. However, there are also some significant problems. And, they responded directly to Rep. Jerry Miller.

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Neal Turpin is running for KY House against Tom Burch. Here's our interview. Subscribers Public

Dr. Neal Turpin is challenging Tom Burch for the Democratic nomination for House District 30. (Disclaimer: He is a contributor to ForwardKY.) We interviewed Dr. Turpin to ask him why he decided to run for this seat at this time, what his goals are, and what he is passionate about.

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Rural Americans are the most likely to say the pandemic is over, and least likely to take precautions against it Subscribers Public

Though the coronavirus remains entrenched in rural areas, rural Americans are more likely than their suburban or urban peers to have rejected or given up on social distancing, masking and/or vaccinations. "They feel, in short, that the pandemic is 'over,'" Olga Khazan reports for The Atlantic. According to

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SBE site delivering incorrect voting locations for special election Subscribers Public

For some time, we have told people that their one-stop shop for voting information was It's a great site, with a LOT of functionality and great information. Unfortunately, for the special election next Tuesday, some of that information is incorrect.

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Should we get rid of cash bail? Subscribers Public

On this podcast, we talk with Alex Flood about the project to eliminate cash bail in Louisville: why it is ultimately both unconstitutional and morally bankrupt, and what we could do instead.

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image test Subscribers Public

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test Subscribers Public

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