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Jamie Comer thinks we should have bombed Mexico

Uhm ... isn’t Mexico an ally of ours?

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No, really.

In an interview on Fox News, Comer noted that former President Trump had suggested to Defense Secretary Mark Esper in 2020 that the United States should launch Patriot missiles at drug labs in Mexico, which Esper refused to do. Esper included the discussion in his book “A Sacred Oath,” which was released last year.

Here is what Comer said on Fox:

“One of the things we learned post-Trump presidency is that he had ordered a bombing of a couple of fentanyl labs, crystal meth labs, in Mexico, just across the border, and for whatever reason the military didn’t do it. I think that was a mistake.”

Trump thought taking out the supposed drug labs could be done discreetly. Esper explained that shooting missiles at an ally was not a good idea.

Apparently Comer thinks it would have been.


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