One of Sen. McDaniel’s two PPP loans (screenshot from ProPublica PPP tracking database)

Kenton County Dems call out Sen. McDaniel

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Via press release from the Kenton County Democratic Party

Covington, KY– The Kenton County Democratic Party recently discovered yet another Republican lawmaker benefitting from pandemic relief loans as the supermajority threatens to override Governor Beshear’s veto of Senate Joint Resolution 150, which would end the COVID state of emergency. Ending the state of emergency would jeopardize much-needed pandemic-related aid aimed at supporting Kentucky families.

Records reveal that Republican Senator Chris McDaniel received $825,027 in PPP loans during the pandemic. Sen. McDaniel joins Senator Robert Stivers and Representative Thomas Huff in cashing in on federal benefits during the pandemic despite voting to strip nearly $50 million a month in food stamp benefits from some of the state's poorest residents by ending the state of emergency.

“Republican lawmakers’ decision to cut off federal pandemic-related aid to our most vulnerable Kentuckians is indefensible, especially when they have personally benefited from pandemic relief monies,” said Danielle Bell, Chair of the Kenton County Democratic Party. “These legislators are taking food off the table for seniors, families, and kids while stuffing their own coffers.”

This isn’t the first time Senator McDaniel has shown his entitlement. In January of this year, the Senator tweeted that his district shouldn’t receive funding for universal preschool—despite 88 percent of Covington Independent Students being eligible for free and reduced lunches, making his district the fourth-most impoverished student body in the state.

“Someone who just received a million dollars worth of financial aid shouldn’t be denying people in far worse condition the opportunity to feed their families,” said Bell. “Sen. McDaniel and the rest of the supermajority need to wake up and support the Governor’s veto of their hypocritically cruel bill to end emergency funding,”


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