Kentucky below average in COVID safety

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The web site WalletHub put together an analysis of the safest sites during COVID-19, and Kentucky ranked at 38th – well below both the average and median of all 50 states.

Kentucky's COVID safety score was 70.74, while the average was 78.73 and the median was 83.03.

According to the study, Kentucky had a high death rate and a low vaccination rate, when compared to other states.

Source: WalletHub

The study notes that the safer a state is, the more it can risk opening up its economy. And, a state that is safer is also less at risk of overtaxing its health care systems.

The WalletHub study use five metrics to measure a state's safety:

  • rate of COVID-19 transmission
  • rate of positive testing
  • rate of hospitalizations
  • rate of deaths
  • share of the eligible population getting vaccinated

Here's the map of all 50 states and the District of Columbia:

Source: WalletHub

(If you want to see the full table and dig into the numbers, go here for the original report.)

Blue state are more safe than red states

One interesting finding, although not really a surprise, is that blue states (those that voted for Biden in 2020) are safer than red states.

How can we be safer?

WalletHub asked six experts some questions about safety during COVID:

  1. What measures can people take to ensure the safety in their communities and contribute to the overall path to recovery in their state?
  2. What role does the media play in educating the public when it comes to vaccination hesitancy?
  3. How can the federal government help states increase vaccination rates?
  4. Is the introduction of a ‘No jab, No school’ policy that requires mandatory vaccination at school entry necessary in the U.S.?

For their full answers, read the article at WalletHub.


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