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KY one of only 19 states to recover jobs lost during Covid

Kentucky now has more jobs than it had at the start of the pandemic, which puts it in the top 20 states for job recovery.

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According to an article on Stateline, Kentucky is one of only 19 states with more jobs now than before Covid hit.

Granted, the increase isn’t large: Kentucky has 6,200 more jobs now than it did in February 2020. But, that small number is still better than the 31 states that have not recovered all the job lost during the Covid pandemic.

Take, for example, West Virginia. That state has 13,800 few jobs now than it did at the start of the pandemic. Or consider Ohio – they’re down 124,000 jobs from two and a half years ago.

Which state is the worst? New York, down 327,000. Which state is the best? Texas, with 563,900 more jobs now than in February 2020.

Of course, these are just the raw numbers. The authors of the article didn’t look at any sort of per capita rates, or at workforce participation.

Still, it is good news for our state to be in the top 20 of an economic measure, no matter how you count it.


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