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KY Youth Advocates on the Horizons Act

Senator Danny Carroll has introduced the Horizons Act, which would spend $150 million a year to support child care in Kentucky.

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Statement by Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director of KY Youth Advocates

In today's bold move by Senator Danny Carroll, he is guaranteeing a quality future for kids, meeting the core needs of working families, and lifting local economies by bolstering Kentucky’s workforce. The Horizons Act puts into motion the state budget investments and policy changes necessary to stabilize Kentucky’s struggling child care sector and ensure parents can go to work knowing their child is safe and learning.

This comprehensive legislation addresses child care workforce challenges and promotes the future viability of child care programs while boosting supports for working families. With the adoption of the Horizons Act, Kentucky will see:

  • More families that can afford the cost of early childhood education and care through the Child Care Assistance Program;
  • A stronger early childhood education workforce that is well-trained and offered higher salaries;
  • Start-up funds to open new early childhood education programs in parts of the state that have not had access to quality classrooms, and;
  • Early childhood education programs that are more financially secure and able to serve their local communities.

Kentucky Youth Advocates urges the General Assembly to support Senator Carroll’s Horizons Act and to also do so with the urgency felt by child care centers and working parents across the Commonwealth.

Dr. Sarah Vanover, Policy and Research Director at Kentucky Youth Advocates, added this about the importance of the Horizons Act:

“Families will not go to work if they are worried about the health and safety of their children. Children will not be prepared to be successful in kindergarten without quality learning environments. A strong state-wide child care structure gives the whole family the opportunity to be successful – and Senator Carroll’s Horizon Act will do just that.”


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