League of Women Voters opposes CRT bills

Christina Conover
Christina Conover

The Kentucky League of Women Voters has come out against two proposed bills dealing with Critical Race Theory in public schools. The two bills (Bill Requests 60 and 69) limit what can be taught about race and race relations in the state.

The board of the League adopted the following resolution at its July 17 meeting:

Resolution Opposing BR 60 and 69

The League of Women Voters of Kentucky has an abiding commitment to citizenship education, as stated in its 2013 policy:

The League of Women Voters of Kentucky believes that schools have a crucial role in preparing students to be informed and engaged citizens. Civics education should focus on knowledge and understanding of governments (e.g. local, state, national, and other forms), including their structures, functions, and effects.

Effective civics education includes preparing students with the skills to participate critically and solve problems in civic life, and it provides practice for students working cooperatively in a community of citizens with rights and responsibilities.

Civics education should be integrated with history, geography and economics instruction throughout elementary, middle and high school instruction. An additional course (or courses) in civics or government should be available in high school to further prepare students for their roles as citizens.

When students graduate from high school, they should have acquired the following:

• the knowledge to influence the legislative process on issues of importance to themselves and others;
• the motivation to be responsible citizens involved in providing for the general welfare;
• the skills, inclinations, and self-confidence to participate as informed citizens in the electoral, legislative, judicial and administrative  processes of government;
• the process skills to work on projects cooperatively in various size group activities;
• sufficient background knowledge of history and politics to understand the effects of voting on their own and others’ lives.

Based on this lasting commitment, the League of Women Voters of Kentucky opposes legislative Bill Requests 60 and 69. We believe those proposed bills would substantially impair robust engagement with American history and effective preparation of young Kentuckians for citizenship and democracy.

"The teaching of history and civics education must be honest and engaging," Fran Wagner, LWVKY President, commented. "Educators should be free to use age-appropriate lessons and discussions that challenge students to form opinions based on factually based scholarship."


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Christina Conover

Christina Conover is a retired teacher and lifelong Ohioan until two years ago when she and her husband moved across the Ohio River to Northern KY. (Read the rest of her bio on the Contributors page.)