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Marie Antoinette McConnell

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Let ‘em eat cake, Sen. McConnell?

You and your Republican majority are wrapping up a weekend off while almost 30 million jobless workers are scared stiff trying to figure out how to make ends meet now that you’ve let lapse their $600 in enhanced federal weekly unemployment benefits. You also stood idly by when the federal eviction moratorium ended, leaving 12 million tenants at risk of losing their housing.

You’re a Fox News fan. So maybe you haven’t heard that we’re deep into one of our country’s worst crises, a one-two-three gut punch that threatens our lives, livelihoods and homes.

More than 154,000—and counting–of your fellow citizens have died from COVID-19. The lethal virus is the biggest threat to world health since the 1918-1919 global influenza pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic—and you, your president and your party’s stubborn refusal to take decisive action against it—is tanking the economy. Unemployment hasn’t been this bad since the Great Depression.

But you gave the Senate—where you and your party rule the roost—a worry-free break for golfing at the country club, sipping a cold one or two around the backyard pool, getting away to the country home, or whatever.

Read the rest at the Kentucky AFL-CIO site.

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Bruce Maples

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