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News and Notes for Wednesday, 7/26

Slow news day, but a few really important (and terrifying) tweets.

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Editor’s Note: We’re going to lead with the tweets today, as they are pretty compelling.

On to the stories ...

Report: 16 of Kentucky’s 72 rural hospitals are at risk of closing, and 10 of them are at immediate risk

In a state where rural communities are the backbone of the economy and the heart of local culture, a healthcare crisis is looming. According to a recent report by the Center for Healthcare Quality & Payment Reform, Kentucky’s rural hospitals are facing significant financial challenges, with a number of them at immediate risk of closing. The report reveals that since 2005, Kentucky has seen four rural hospital closures. While this number is less than some states, it is a significant loss for the affected communities. More concerning, however, is the current state of the remaining rural hospitals in Kentucky. Out of 72 rural hospitals, 30 (or 42%) are currently experiencing losses on services, indicating a struggle to maintain financial viability. Even more alarming is the fact that 16 of these hospitals, representing 22% of all rural hospitals in Kentucky, are at risk of closing. (The Lexington Times)

Opponents hold rally to protest SB 150 at JCPS school board meeting

Members of the JCPS Board of Education listened to public comments related to SB 150 during a meeting at the the VanHouse Education Center in Louisville, Ky. on July 25, 2023. Opponents urged the school board to not adopt policies based on SB 150 because they believe it will harm students. (Courier-Journal)

Former Kentucky Teacher of the Year creating library for LGBTQ students

A former Kentucky teacher of the year still hopes to inspire students, more than a year after leaving the profession. He’s taken up the fight against banned books, working to give students access to titles they can’t find at their school or local libraries.

Willie Carver Jr. spent more than a decade working at Montgomery County High School, which earned him Kentucky Teacher of the Year in 2022. During his time, he advised Open Light, a student-run LGBTQ group that he said pushed for systemic change.

Carver is working to set up a Rainbow Freedom Library in Mount Sterling at the Gateway Regional Arts Center. He said the books there will feature more minority and LGBTQ characters and authors. They are books he said other libraries won’t offer. (Fox 56 News)


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