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News & Notes for Wednesday, 8/9

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A big deal: Ohio voters reject GOP effort to undermine abortion rights vote

Ohio voters on Tuesday decisively rejected a Republican-authored measure that would have made it more difficult to amend the state constitution through the ballot initiative process, a billionaire-funded effort aimed at preempting a November vote on abortion rights.

If approved by voters, the measure known as Issue 1 would have raised the threshold for passage of a constitutional amendment from a simple majority to 60%. The measure also would have imposed more stringent signature requirements for Ohio ballot initiatives.

The GOP proposal — which was the only item on the ballot in Tuesday’s special election — failed by a vote of 43% to 57%, according to the Ohio secretary of state’s office. (Truthout)

NKU staff cry foul over $222k in bonuses, raises to presidential cabinet: ‘The optics of this are terrible’

Just months after announcing a more than $24 million budget deficit, Northern Kentucky University offered $222,500 in raises and bonuses to the university’s presidential cabinet, which is mainly composed of the university’s vice presidents.

The raises and bonuses were offered in January under retention agreements three months after the university abruptly parted ways with its president, Ashish Vaidya, and announced it had a more than $24 million budget deficit — a number that’s since been reduced to $9.6 million, with further plans to reduce it another $5 million by 2025. (LINK nky)

He was a top church official who criticized Trump. He says Christianity is in crisis.

Russell Moore criticized Donald Trump and the Southern Baptist Convention's response to a sexual abuse crisis. Then he found himself on the outside.

When Donald Trump came on the scene, Moore criticized him publicly and found himself ostracized by many other evangelical leaders who embraced the former president. Moore also criticized the Southern Baptist Convention's response to a sexual abuse crisis, as well as what he viewed as an increased tolerance for white nationalism within the church.

Suddenly, in 2021, Moore found himself resigning from his post and on the outside of a denomination that had, up until that point, defined his life. (LPM News)

Supreme Court reinstates regulation of ghost guns, firearms without serial numbers

The Supreme Court is reinstating a regulation aimed at reining in the proliferation of ghost guns – firearms without serial numbers that have been turning up at crime scenes across the nation in increasing numbers.

The court on Tuesday voted 5-4 to put on hold a ruling from a federal judge in Texas that invalidated the Biden administration's regulation of ghost gun kits. The regulation will be in effect while the administration appeals the ruling to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans — and potentially the Supreme Court. (WLKY)

And from the X-Verse (that sounds so much like the X-Files) ...


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