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News & Notes for Monday, 10/24

Lots of lawsuits flying around, and we’ve got some multi-tweet stories from the Twitterverse.

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Lots of lawsuits flying around, and we’ve got some multi-tweet stories from the Twitterverse.

Former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson endorses Craig Greenberg

As Craig Greenberg seeks distance from current Democratic Mayor Greg Fischer another longtime Democratic mayor is endorsing his campaign. Jerry Abramson, who earned the nickname “mayor for life,” after serving as Louisville’s mayor from 1986 to 1999 and later under the consolidated city-county government of Louisville Metro from 2003 to 2011, endorsed Greenberg for the position on Monday. (KY Fried Politics)

Republican National Committee sues Google over spam filters

The Republican National Committee has filed a lawsuit against tech giant Google, alleging the company has been suppressing its email solicitations ahead of November's midterm elections — an allegation Google denies.

The lawsuit, filed in the District Court for the Eastern District of California Friday evening, accuses Gmail of “discriminating” against the RNC by unfairly sending the group's emails to users' spam folders, impacting both fundraising and get-out-the-vote efforts in pivotal swing states.

Google, in a statement, denied the charges. “As we have repeatedly said, we simply don’t filter emails based on political affiliation. Gmail’s spam filters reflect users’ actions," said spokesperson José Castañeda.

Lawsuits to get on the ballot: one candidate loses, one still on appeal

Two candidates suing over getting on the midterm ballots have had mixed results.

Susan Witten, the GOP candidate declared ineligible by a judge, is appealing the ruling, and the appeal is still ongoing. Witten was ruled ineligible because she filed one day before the new districts went into effect, thus making her filing not viable.

Ann Sermersheim, the Dem candidate trying to get on the ballot to face Rep. Kevin Bratcher, had her suit dismissed by Judge Shaw in Louisville. She was trying to replace an earlier Dem candidate who had to withdraw, but SOS Adams said the vacancy occurred too late for the local Democratic party to put a new candidate on the ballot. (from various tweets by Joe Sonka)

GOP campaigns against the IRS, vowing to slash its funding

IRS pleas for more funding from Congress — made over the years by one leader after another — finally paid off this summer when Democrats tucked an $80 billion boost for the agency into their flagship climate and health care law.

Fortified with a new funding stream, the IRS is making plans to clear a massive backlog of unprocessed tax returns, upgrade technology that is decades out of date and, yes, hire more auditors.

But, as GOP candidates across the country are making clear, the battle over IRS funding has only just begun. They are making attacks on a larger IRS a central part of their midterm election pitch to voters, warning that the Democratic legislation will bankroll an army of auditors that will harass middle-class taxpayers rather than help them. (WHAS 11)

If you don’t put enough postage on your absentee ballot, what then?

Any thoughts on Dem candidate Geoff Young, who is running against Andy Barr?

A partisan in a non-partisan race

And finally, news about the right-winger running for state Supreme Court, who in a non-partisan race regularly announces he is the Republican candidate:


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