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Planned Parenthood endorses ‘Colonel Pam’ for AG

The organization calls Col. Pam Stevenson “an experienced defender of democracy and reproductive freedom”

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Planned Parenthood Action Kentucky (PPAK) is proud to endorse Representative Pam Stevenson for Kentucky Attorney General. A Louisville native, Air Force Colonel and attorney, and sitting State Representative, Stevenson has the experience and commitment Kentuckians need to fight the aggressive anti-abortion attacks from the Republican-led State Legislature.

A statement from Tamarra Wieder, Kentucky State Director for Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates (PPAA-KY):

Representative Pam Stevenson is a fighter. She has prioritized reproductive health throughout her campaign, just like she did in Frankfort, just like she will as Kentucky’s leading defender as Attorney General.

The situation in Kentucky is dire. Having someone like Stevenson as Attorney General will bring much needed relief to pregnant Kentuckians scared their private medical records will be used against them, and to providers who fear they could be criminalized for just doing their jobs. Instead of instilling fear, Stevenson provides compassion. The fight to restore access to abortion is far from over, and with Stevenson as our Attorney General we will be closer to a reproductive freedom reality.

Stevenson’s opponent, Russell Coleman, has promised to continue the work of current Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron, one of the most extreme anti-abortion leaders Kentucky has seen. Like Cameron, Coleman supports the current ban on abortion, which has no exceptions for rape or incest. He also supports prosecuting doctors and nurses for providing abortion care. Coleman wants a Kentucky where survivors, if they become pregnant, would be forced to remain pregnant or leave their home state for help. This cruel and unusual response is not what the majority of Kentuckians want, and it’s why we have watched both Coleman and Cameron flip-flop on these issues throughout their campaign. Where Coleman is wrong for Kentucky is clear: he has the approval of several extreme anti-abortion organizations, because he, too, is extreme and out of touch with Kentuckians.


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