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Planned Parenthood endorses Kim Reeder for Auditor

When the Kentucky Auditor’s Office is weaponized against abortion, Reeder will protect patients and providers

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Via press release from Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Action Kentucky (PPAK) is proud to endorse Kim Reeder for Kentucky State Auditor. Reeder is a lifelong Kentuckian and a fierce advocate for reproductive health and freedom.

In 2021, in an unprecedented attempt to expand the Auditor’s authority, the Republican-led Kentucky General Assembly introduced legislation granting the Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts authority as a “health oversight agency” solely when it comes to abortion. Traditionally the state auditor is responsible for reviewing finances, tracking accounts, and monitoring public agencies. Now that abortion is banned, and 19 Republican anti-abortion Attorneys General are calling for access to private medical information related to reproductive health, it’s likely the KYGA will once again attempt to grant the Kentucky Auditor broad powers related to the licenses and inspection processes of abortion providers, beyond their powers and oversight.

“We’ve watched anti-abortion extremists attempt to weaponize the Auditor’s office in order to further harass patients and providers. We can’t allow this dangerous agenda to be put into action when history repeats itself. Which is why we couldn’t be more proud to endorse Kim Reeder for Kentucky State Auditor – an advocate and ally in the fight for reproductive health and access,” said Tamarra Wieder, Kentucky State Director for Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates. “With Kim in the Auditor's office, we know patients, providers, and Kentuckians won’t have to look over their shoulder when they seek basic health care services. A person’s health care data should never be used against them. Not by prosecutors, not by lawmakers, and certainly not by the state Auditor; Kim will keep it that way.”

Access to care has never been more vital. Since the reversal of Roe, one in three women of reproductive age in the U.S. — and even more trans and nonbinary people who can become pregnant — no longer have access to abortion in their state. This includes Kentucky, where more than a million people of reproductive age must cross state lines to access basic health care.

GOP candidate Allison Ball’s anti-abortion agenda 

Everyone, no matter where they live or how much money they have, should be able to access the health care they need, free of fear that their health information will be compromised or used against them. Through Planned Parenthood Action Kentucky’s endorsement process, the organization finds, educates, endorses, and supports candidates who will stand with Planned Parenthood, patients, and communities across Kentucky to work in pursuit of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice for all people.


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