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Quick Hit: SB 156 drama

Whoa – a last-minute committee sub that then fails? Doesn’t happen too often!

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SB 156 is a bill establishing a statewide reading research center, that passed the Senate easily on March 8. It then went to the House Education Committee, and passed out of that committee easily as well.

But then yesterday morning (Tuesday) at 9 AM, it was back in the House Ed committee with a committee sub that said that Jefferson County Public Schools had to be audited, that they had to pay for the audit, and that after the audit JCPS would be split up into multiple districts.

Superintendent Marty Pollio learned of it at 9 PM on Monday night, and showed up to the committee meeting “hopping mad,” testifying that it was a “gut punch” to learn that such a substitute bill had been added at the last minute with no warning.

Also angry were a number of committee members who knew nothing about the substitute until that morning. After much discussion, the committee substitute failed to win approval, and the bill went forward without it.

The question no one could answer was who wanted JCPS split up. The sponsor of the bill just said “some people.” The committee chair also said to be ready for a called meeting, so the drama may not be over.


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