Quintez Brown’s bail is paid, a redistricting ruling, and a new marijuana proposal

Robert Kahne
Robert Kahne

Robert is by himself this week, and had three stories to share. First, the Louisville Community Bail Fund paid $100,000 for Quintez Brown's bail, and Republicans in Washington and here at home attempted to use that event to push an anti-Criminal Justice Reform agenda. However, Craig Greenberg released a statement of his own which was considerably more nuanced and fair. Second, Judge Wingate in Franklin County make a preliminary ruling on the redistricting lawsuit that both sides claimed as a victory. Finally, Rachel Roberts, Morgan McGarvey, and David Yates put forward a marijuana legalization framework, and Robert did his best to explain most of the stuff in it.


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Robert Kahne

Robert is a graduate of UK's Martin School for Public Policy. He works as a data scientist in Louisville, where he lives w/ wife Kelsey and their daughter. (Read the rest on the Contributors page.)