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Reactions to final passage of draconian anti-trans bill

Leaders and organizations spoke out about the bill and its effects.

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Republicans in Frankfort wasted no time on Wednesday in final passage of SB 150, the omnibus anti-trans bill widely considered to be the harshest such bill in the country. They overrode Governor Beshear’s veto easily, with only five Republicans across both chambers joining all Democrats in voting to uphold the veto.

While lawsuits are almost certain, for now SB 150 is the law in Kentucky.

Here are some reactions to the passage of the bill.

Chris Hartman of the Fairness Campaign

“While we lost the battle in the legislature, our defeat is temporary. We will not lose in court. And we are winning in so many other ways. Thousands of Kentucky kids came to the Capitol today to make their voices heard against the worst anti-trans bill in the nation. They are our hope for a Kentucky future that is more fair, more just, and more beautifully diverse and accepting than ever before.

“I applaud the brave protesters who stood their ground in the Kentucky House gallery today before being removed by Kentucky State Troopers. Their chants and pain were heard by all in the chamber and were a necessary show of the grief and harm Senate Bill 150 will cause. Transgender children and their families in Kentucky are scared, rightfully so. We will do all we can to ensure they can continue to access the life-saving medical care they deserve.”

Rebecca Blankenship

Rebecca Blankenship, Kentucky’s first openly trans elected official and the Executive Director of Ban Conversion Therapy Kentucky, issued the following statement: “In their so-called attempt to protect children, this legislature has sentenced many to death. The LGBT community will work hard to care for one another through this crisis as we have through many before. In the end, we will survive, and we will prevail.”

Tamarra Wieder of Planned Parenthood

“This law is a stain on Kentucky. Every elected official who voted for SB 150 is on the wrong side of history. Let me be clear: Trans people will not be erased, not today, not ever. The youth spoke today and have promised to replace you tomorrow. Believe it.

“If there is one positive we can take from this, it’s that this bill has connected us and sparked protests across the commonwealth that make it clear: The Kentucky public, especially young people, support our trans neighbors. We will not stop fighting for all Kentuckians’ rights to make personal decisions about their own bodies – free from shame and free from stigma. We are with you, we see you, we love you.”

Colmon Elridge, Chair of the KY Democratic Party

“Kentucky children will die because the Republican majority chose to override this veto. This bill risks the lives and wellbeing of some of our Commonwealth’s most vulnerable children.

“Contrary to what Republicans claim, this strips away the rights of parents to make choices in the best interests of their child. I find it horrific that the GOP majority is spending limited time and our resources creating a climate of fear for LGBTQ children.

“This law will cost lives. Republicans should be ashamed of themselves, passing this bill at the last minute with so little transparency and just weeks after one of their colleagues lost her son. Kentuckians deserve better from their elected officials.”

Amber Duke, Executive Director of ACLU of Kentucky

“In another shameful attack on LGBTQ youth in Kentucky, the General Assembly has overridden Governor Beshear’s veto of Senate Bill 150.

“SB 150 was rushed through the legislature in a deliberately secretive process at the 11th hour. Trans Kentuckians, medical and mental health professionals, and accredited professional associations pleaded with lawmakers to listen to the experts, not harmful rhetoric based in fear and hate. Their pleas fell on deaf ears as the general assembly passed the bill in a matter of hours.

“While an ‘emergency’ clause was applied to some sections of the bill, the health care ban provisions will not go into effect until late June – 90 days after the legislature adjourns. Trans youth can still receive care until that portion of the bill takes effect. And we intend to take this fight to the courts to make sure Kentuckians’ right to that care will continue.

“To all the trans youth who may be affected by this legislation: we stand by you, and we will not stop fighting. You are cherished. You are loved. You belong.

“To the commonwealth: we will see you in court.”


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