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The Reproductive Rights for Kentucky PAC today issued endorsements of 21 candidates for the upcoming election. In addition, the PAC has started fund-raising for these candidates.

According to their press release, RRFKY has endorsed and financially supported nearly 100 state and federal candidates in Kentucky who were “committed to safeguard all forms of reproductive rights.”

The press release goes on to note that RRFKY “is the only pro-choice, federal multi-candidate PAC in Kentucky. Our mission and purpose are to be a non-partisan, Kentucky-focused, political action committee that supports, both publicly and financially, those state and federal elected officials and viable candidates who safeguard women's rights.”

You can donate to RRFKY at their website,

The candidates endorsed by RRFKY

Office District Endorsed Candidate
U.S. Senate Charles Booker
U.S. House 3rd Morgan McGarvey
KY Senate 22 Chuck Eddy
KY Senate 26 Dr. Karen Berg
KY Senate 34 Susan Cintra
KY House 8 Pam Dossett
KY House 25 Katherine Leonard
KY House 31 Sue Foster
KY House 33 Kate Turner
KY House 34 Sarah Stalker
KY House 35 Lisa Willner
KY House 38 Rachel Roarx
KY House 41 Josie Raymond
KY House 47 Kimberly Hinkel
KY House 48 Maria Sorolis
KY House 54 Elaine Wilson-Reddy
KY House 61 Debby Lucas Angel
KY House 67 Rachel Roberts
KY House 69 Chris Brown
KY House 79 Chad Aull
KY House 88 Cherlynn Stevenson


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