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Rick Wilson lays out the truth about the “No Labels” group

You consider yourself a moderate? You like the idea of “no labels”? Well then, you need to read this.

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An important Twitter thread from Rick Wilson. If you’ve never heard of No Labels — and even if you have — this is a critical read. Don’t be fooled.

2/ Nancy is one of DC’s most powerful, influential, and connected players. A Swamp Empress. Richer than God.

She and Mark Penn are angry, though. Very, very angry. At whom, you ask?

Well, Democrats.

They were exiled from Clinton world. Obamas, same.

3/ They’ve been on a jihad ever since. Mark has dozens of Fox hits defending and praising Trump.

Their major donors are the EXACT same billionaires funding Ron DeSantis. (Yeah, Nancy hides her donors, but girl, your org leaks because your staff hates you.)

4/ They formed No Labels as a long con, a way to break the Democrats, get rich doing it (and again, they are VERY rich), and punish their imagined enemies.

They branded it as “centrist problem solvers” buy their plan to run a 3rd party candidate this year was anything but.

5/ They’re working to put a conservative Dem (Joe Manchin is their number one pony, but Sinema is also in the running if Joe falls off) on the ballot in key states to drain off votes from Biden.

Their math, maps, and polling are utter fantasy, an ever-changing target. 

6/ @ThirdWayMattB at Third Way and @Philip_Germain at LP have more stats, data, and proof of fundamental mathematical and polling dishonesty than you can imagine. NL *makes up the polling numbers* to fit their narrative. 

7/ When challenged how they’d get a candidate to 270, they argued their 3rd party goon could win in...Delaware. And Florida. And Washington State. And Utah. And um ... well, you tell me if this is a serious map in your mind:

8/ It’s all a fraud. They describe Joe Biden and Donald Trump as “equally unacceptable”... an assertion I’ll leave you to assess. The plan all along was to burn down Biden, and they’re getting on the ballot in key states to do just that.

9/ We know the why but what about the how? Getting on the ballot is hard, and NL is fraudulently representing its petitions in many states and changing voter registrations. They’re in trouble in Maine and AZ already, with more to come.

10/ But they’ll be on enough close states to drag off a % of conservative Dems and elect Trump or — and here’s the big reveal — they’ll drop out and not run a candidate if the Republican nominee is ... wait for it ... Ron DeSantis.

I’ll let you process that while I get coffee. 

11/ From @politico, this week:

12/ That’s right. Centrist, moderate, problem-solver, just trying-to-give-voters-a-choice @NoLabelsOrg gave away the entire game.

You know, Ron DeSantis, that noted moderate. You know, Smilin’ Ron, the nicest Republican.

13/ We’re on final now, so bear with me. Why would they say that? The answer is “Dallas” and the answer is “Manhattan.”

Nancy has raised something like $70 million dollars (as noted prior) from the EXACT SAME billionaires backing DeSantis.

14/ This donor set (including Sugar Daddy Harlan Crow) cares about 3 things; lower taxes at the Mt. Everest end of the income scale, carried-interest deductions, and oil-and-gas subsidies/write-offs.

They’ll get them from Trump, but DeSantis has marginally better aesthetics.

15/ If they have to spend the $$$ to destroy Biden, they will ... and @NoLabelsOrg is designed to be the vehicle for an ocean of dark GOP money dressed up as moderate do-gooderism.

They’re perfectly fine with Trump if it happens, and if it’s DeSantis they think it’s in the bag.

16/ I implore DC media types to stop referring to @NoLabelsOrg as “centrist” or “moderate” for they are neither.

It’s the most cynical ploy in service to Trump and the MAGA GOP one can imagine.

17/ Two other quick notes then I’ll let you get on with your day. The Ian Fleming Rule of Coincidences (look it up) is always right.

Last week, NL heralded former NC Gov Pat McCrory as their new front man. Pat’s main advisor and close friend is Chris LaCivita.

18/ For you folks playing at home, Chris LaCivita is also the lead strategist to another candidate running in 2024.

That candidate is Donald Trump.

So endeth the lesson.


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