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Senate candidate Charles Booker condemns passage of HB 3

Former state representative Charles Booker, running for U.S. Senate, today condemned the passage of HB 3, which completely outlaws abortion in Kentucky.

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A statement from the Booker campaign

Today, the Republican-led Kentucky General Assembly overrode Governor Beshear’s veto of HB 3, the Women’s Health Endangerment Act. The bill has taken effect immediately, turning Kentucky into the first state in the nation where abortion is completely outlawed, even in instances of rape, sex trafficking, or incest.

“Women have officially been told their lives don’t matter in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. HB 3 is abhorrent, unconstitutional, and absolutely shameful,” Charles Booker said. “Today’s actions only underscore how critical it is that the United States Senate pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, which is exactly what I intend on doing when I am elected this November.”

Earlier today, Charles Booker joined advocates in the Capitol to protest the bill.

Not only does HB3 force women into government-mandated pregnancies, it cruelly punishes women who suffer miscarriages under medical supervision to bear the added mental anguish and financial burdens of burial or cremation services. Because of this provision, existing facilities that provide abortion will be forced to close. Experts predict that states like Kentucky will see a 21% increase in the number of pregnancy-related deaths as a result.


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