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Setser-Kissick withdraws; KDP to field new candidate

Another candidate falls to the redistricting process.

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Paula Setser-Kissick (campaign photo)

Paula Setser-Kissick, the Democratic candidate for the dramatically-redrawn 12th district in the state Senate, has officially withdrawn from the race, so that the KY Democratic Party can field a new candidate.

Setser-Kissick filed for the seat early, but the redistricting process drew her out of the district. By filing her withdrawal papers, KDP is allowed to field another candidate in her place, as long as they do it by September 1. To do that, KDP has to have a meeting of the members of the party’s Executive Committee from that district.

Setser-Kissick was seen as a strong candidate, after only losing to Alice Forgy-Kerr by 1.5%. When the Republican redistricting process was complete, she was drawn out of the district she had filed for. Out of all the persons who filed for that seat, only Republican Amanda Bledsoe was left. She currently has raised over $100,000 for her campaign for an up-to-now uncontested seat.


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