Special election set for February 22 to fill Meeks' vacancy

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Gov. Andy Beshear has called a special election to fill a vacancy in the Kentucky House of Representatives created when a long-time member sent a resignation letter to the Governor last week, effective immediately.

Former Rep. Reginald Meeks, D-Louisville, delivered his letter to the Governor’s Office on Friday, December 17, to speed up the process of filling the vacancy.

In the letter, Meeks stated, “I have not lost my desire to represent my constituents and to fight for causes dear to them and me and so many others across Kentucky. I instead see myself as part of a relay team, where the baton handed off to me in 2000 can now be given to someone else who can move us further down the track.”

Under state law, when a legislator vacancy occurs while lawmakers are not in session, the Governor can call the special election. When they are in session, the presiding officer of the chamber may set the date.

The writ of election, as it is known under the statutes governing elections, must be mailed to the sheriff in the district in which the election is to be held, at least 56 days before the election. The sheriff of the county in which an election is to be held, in this case Jefferson County, must give notice at least 49 days before the day of election.

Given the required delay, Beshear set the special election for Feb. 22, 2022. The winner will be able to take office as soon as the results are certified by both the Jefferson County Board of Elections and the State Board of Elections.

Meeks had represented the 42nd House District in Jefferson County since January 2001.


Written by Tom Latek. Cross-posted from Kentucky Today.

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