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Can’t make Fancy Farm? Then go to the ‘NOT Fancy Farm Picnic’

Tagline: “It’s Fancy Farm, Only Better”

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The Democratic parties of Marion, Nelson, and Washington Counties, along with Labor Locals IBEW 369 and Teamsters 89, are hosting their Tri-County Picnic on Sunday, August 27, from 1 to 5 PM at The Burg on the Nelson/Washington County line.

Here’s how they described it in their mailing:

No Booing. No Cowbells. No Horns. NO Republicans (well very few anyway). Just a Democratic Party pep rally with hundreds of Democrats gathering at the literal geographical center of Kentucky. Most every one of our statewide candidates have confirmed to speak as we have Live Music and Free Food grilled on site.

If you plan on attending, use this address to get close: 306 Fredericktown Rd, Springfield, KY 40069-9321

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