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The Wrap for Monday, 2/26

Wrapping it up on this Monday!

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Editor’s note: This post is an experiment. It is a prototype of an article-plus-newsletter that I am considering adding to the site: a mostly-daily wrap-up of political and governance news across Kentucky. It will also include, at the end, a list of everything else published on Forward Kentucky that day.

Some of the links will be to stories on ForwardKY; some will be to other sites. The article and the newsletter would be limited to paying members only. If you have feedback on the idea and/or the format, feel free to leave it either in the comments below or by emailing me directly.

KYGA 24 Stories

What anti-DEI politicos get wrong. Part 2 – the conspiracy & fall-out
Where is all this anti-DEI agita coming from, anyway? Kimberly Kennedy has the answer.
Distrust of fluoride ‘mind-boggling’; mineral is ‘time-tested’ and a ‘good thing,’ dentists say
GOP lawmakers push bill to make adding fluoride to water optional against advice of Kentucky dentists
Vaping bill passes House after being stripped of licensing requirements and stiffer penalties
Sponsor says alternate bill on retailing is expected
Denise Harper Angel on one bad bill and one good bill
Some thoughts from the Louisville senator on HB 18 and SB 131.
Kentucky lawmakers pass bill to protect healthcare workers from assault - LINK nky
With workplace violence against healthcare workers reportedly on the rise, two Northern Kentucky state lawmakers have advanced a bill to expand assault protections to nearly every healthcare worker statewide. House […]
Kentucky Senate action on uniform commercial code includes talk on digital money
The need to update the uniform commercial code in Kentucky created a philosophical debate in the State Senate about digital currency.
Bills aim to stop people from coming to Ky. to have Medicaid pay for addiction treatment; programs could have to get them home
By Melissa Patrick Kentucky Health News A bill aimed at preventing people from coming to Kentucky solely to establish residency so that they…
Bill could jeopardize protection put in place 17 years ago after death of Harlan County miner - Kentucky Lantern
A long-time mine safety advocate says a bill approved by a Kentucky House committee will put coal miners at risk by undoing a key protection in a 2007 law. Tony Oppegard, a former mine inspector and attorney working nearly two decades representing coal miners and their families in wrongful death cases and other litigation, was […]

Other Politics and Governance News

Racists and fascists march in Paducah
The Patriot Front did a flash demonstration in Paducah on Sunday, marching right by a Black church on the last Sunday of Black History Month.
Sisters of Loretto to hold prayer service at McConnell’s office
The Sisters of Loretto and the Loretto Community will hold a public Lenten prayer service at noon on Wednesday, February 28, in front of Senator Mitch McConnell’s office at 601 West Broadway in Louisville.

Other Items Published Today on ForwardKY

Ransacking the RNC
The Trump family is making the RNC their own, personal piggy bank. What does this mean for November?

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Voting rights at risk after Supreme Court makes it harder to challenge racial gerrymandering

Voting rights at risk after Supreme Court makes it harder to challenge racial gerrymandering

Two recent Supreme Court rulings on congressional redistricting will have starkly different consequences for Black voters in the 2024 election. One ruling boosted Black voting power in Louisiana, while another decision upheld a South Carolina congressional map that the lower court had declared “illegal racial gerrymandering.” Despite these seemingly contradictory

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Kentucky’s GOP is NOT the party of “fiscal responsibility”

Kentucky’s GOP is NOT the party of “fiscal responsibility”

Kimberly and Dr. Clardy share the breaking Kentucky political news of the weak, including a couple of stories that expose the Kentucky GOP as having zero fiscal responsibility, then we have a great interview for you: Molly Gene Crain, the democratic candidate for Kentucky’s 27th Senate District.

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