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The Wrap for Thursday, 2/29

Lots of little news gifts, all wrapped up for you!

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Editor’s note: This post is an experiment. It is a prototype of an article-plus-newsletter that I am considering adding to the site: a mostly-daily wrap-up of political and governance news across Kentucky. It will also include, at the end, a list of everything else published on Forward Kentucky that day.

Some of the links will be to stories on ForwardKY; some will be to other sites. The article and the newsletter would be limited to paying members only. If you have feedback on the idea and/or the format, feel free to leave it either in the comments below or by emailing me directly.

General Assembly News

Thayer seeks to end Kentucky’s limits on political giving, require more frequent reporting instead
Thayer says that Citizens United allows for unlimited donations, since money is speech.
‘This year’s anti-drag bill’ on its way to full Senate
A similar bill was filed last year, but stalled and did not pass.
Kentucky Senate passes Stivers’ endowed research bill • Kentucky Lantern
The Kentucky Senate approved Senate President Robert Stivers’ bill to endow funding for research consortiums between two or more public universities.
After McConnell news, Ky. Governor stripped of power to fill Senate vacancies under proposed bill
A state House committee advanced a bill to fully strip the Kentucky governor’s power to fill a U.S. Senate vacancy, just a day after McConnell announced he will step down from his Senate leadership position.
Kentucky doctors’ group launches public letter urging GOP-run Legislature to end abortion bans
Nearly 300 Kentucky health care providers called for an end to all the state’s abortion bans in an open letter. A group of doctors gathered in Frankfort Wednesday to explain why.
Kentucky lawmakers are still weighing school choice amendment bills
Finding a way to fund charter schools continues to be up for debate by Kentucky lawmakers. But public school advocates warn there will be fewer resources when they’re already strained.
‘This is a great first effort’: Early childhood education bill wins support from state Senate panel
The Kentucky bill comes amid uncertain times nationwide for childcare providers and parents.

Other News

Beshear says he will not run for McConnell’s Senate seat
His response to a reporter seemed pretty firm.
Citing His Role in January 6, Judge Disqualifies Trump From Illinois Ballot
The decision is paused if Trump appeals or if the Supreme Court issues a ruling in a similar Colorado case.
Union, Starbucks Agree on “Foundational Framework” for Contract Negotiations
The framework reportedly includes an agreement for a universal contract for all unionized stores.

Other Content Published Today on ForwardKY

Kentucky kids deserve better than being exploited like it’s 1899
House-approved bill would take the state and its youngsters in the wrong direction
49th in oral health, Kentucky considers bill to get to 50th
Doug and Nate offer up the hot takes on a few Frankfort political mistakes: pro-child labor, pro-hunger and anti-flouride. Then they are joined by civil rights organizer, Savvy Shabazz to hear about his campaign to remove the slavery clause from the KY constitution.


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