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The Wrap for Wednesday, 2/28

No, it’s not about food. Nice picture, though.

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Editor’s note: This post is an experiment. It is a prototype of an article-plus-newsletter that I am considering adding to the site: a mostly-daily wrap-up of political and governance news across Kentucky. It will also include, at the end, a list of everything else published on Forward Kentucky that day.

Some of the links will be to stories on ForwardKY; some will be to other sites. The article and the newsletter would be limited to paying members only. If you have feedback on the idea and/or the format, feel free to leave it either in the comments below or by emailing me directly.

General Assembly Updates

Louisville Democrat files bill to protect assisted reproduction, IVF in Kentucky
Unfortunately, the GOP will not let the bill even be debated.
Bill to grant child support payments for pregnancy advances — but with a major change
Kentucky senators advanced an amended bill Tuesday that would let a parent pursue child support payments for the months they were pregnant, but only retroactively. Abortion rights advocates say the updated bill addresses their legal concerns about fetal personhood.
Committee-approved bill would remove requirement Kentucky employers give lunch breaks, rest periods
State labor official worried about ‘erosion’ of ‘critical’ workplace protections
Second chance hiring bill gains committee approval
FRANKFORT, Ky. (KT) – Legislation known as the Second Chance Hiring Bill won approval from the House Licensing, Occupations & Administrative Regulations Committee on Wednesday and is now headed to
Republicans move forward with partisan state school board elections - Kentucky Lantern
A bill establishing partisan elections for the Kentucky Board of Education, called a “terrible idea” by Gov. Andy Beshear, has advanced from committee.

KYGA Updates from Twitter

Other News

McConnell will step down as the Senate Republican leader in November
He intends to finish his term, which lasts to January 2027, but will relinquish his leadership role this fall.

Other ForwardKY Content Published Since the Last Wrap

Bruce’s Take: The MAGA Shutdown
We’re two days away from a partial federal government shutdown. Who’s causing this, and what are the consequences?
Bad bills and James Comer
Jazmin and Robert break down 3 bad bill this week: child labor, “religious freedom,” and guns in school. Then Robert brings an update about James Comer and his embarrassing attempts to impeach Joe Biden.
Here’s what hurts the most
How many Kentucky lives might be saved but for one missing trait in too many of our lawmakers: the courage to speak the truth.


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