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The Story List for 1/4/23

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Wednesday News & Notes
A few political blurbs from across the state
Biden, McConnell, governors trumpet bipartisan funding for Ohio River bridge
‘ . . . no matter who gets elected, once it’s all over, we ought to look for things we can agree on and try to do those,’ says McConnell
Be careful what you wish for
The wealthiest among us are about to get a tax cut of thousands of dollars. Guess who is going to pay for it?
Will Congress use the 14th Amendment on Trump?
And what happens if they don’t? Jesse Wegman of the NYT and historian Brian Clardy weigh in.
Is the right to contraception about to end in America?
As of last week, Republican efforts to ban birth control in America have officially started, and teenagers in Texas are its first victims.
Kentucky library board starts down the road to censorship
“It’s just one book,” they said. But once you’ve started banning books, when do you stop?
The wealthy are the winners while the Commonwealth loses
A tax cut that mainly goes to the wealthy will cost the state more than we spend on preschool for the entire state.

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