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Together Frankfort releases video on constitutional amendments

Together Frankfort has released a video outlining the two constitutional amendments on the ballot next week, and encourages voters to watch it before voting.

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Via press release from Together Frankfort

Together Frankfort encourages citizens to take advantage of early in-person voting, starting Thursday and continuing through Saturday of this week, and reminds voters to study the ballot beforehand, especially the two proposed constitutional amendments. Voters can study the candidates for national, state and local offices on Together Frankfort’s website, along with the video “VOTE NO! Forum on the Proposed Constitutional Amendments” (also available on YouTube at

In announcing the availability of the video, Together Frankfort Chair Barbara Hadley Smith observed, “Constitutions are created to protect the rights of people. Both amendments on the ballot do just the opposite. Amendment #1 excessively expands the role of the legislature and minimizes the opportunity for citizens to have a voice about the issues being considered by the lawmakers. Amendment #2 eliminates the right to reproductive freedom in Kentucky’s Constitution, and it makes no exceptions at all.”  Smith praised the forum speakers, John Schaaf and Dee Pregliasco, in explaining the impact these two amendments would have on the people of Kentucky if they are passed.

Together Frankfort commends the Franklin County clerk's office for providing extensive and flexible opportunities for those wishing to vote early, in-person. On Thursday, Nov. 3, and Friday, Nov. 4, citizens can vote from 8 AM – 6 PM, and on Saturday, Nov. 5, from 6 AM – 2 PM, at these locations: Old Frankfort Plant Board Building – 317 W 2nd St.; Capital CityChristian Church – 15 Locust Dr.; or Capital City Activity Center– 202 MedicalHeights Drive, Frankfort.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Kentucky’s general election day, Franklin County citizens can vote at any of a dozen locations designated by the FranklinCounty Clerk, from 6 AM through 6 PM. Together Frankfort commends the election officials, staff, and volunteer poll workers for their dedication to fair elections.

For more information about Together Frankfort: on the web, on Facebook, or email


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