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Top 20 lobbying orgs for first four months of 2023

Over $11 million spent on lobbying 138 legislators in just a few months.

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From the newsletter of the KY Legislative Ethics Commission, here’s the run-down of money spent on lobbying in the first four months of this year. Note that the table is sortable by clicking on the column header.

For the first 4 months of 2023, lobbying interests set a new spending record of $11,417,376, surpassing 2022’s record of $11.131 million for the same time period. This is significant as it was also for a “short session” year. Advertising spending on legislation of $1,055,098 helped clinch this milestone.

847 lobbying businesses and organizations registered to lobby in Kentucky, spending $11.137 million. 679 lobbyists were paid $9.5 million in compensation, and reported $276,678 in expenses.

The Top 20 Lobbying Orgs by Money Spent

Organization Spent
KY Merchants and Amusement Coalition, Inc. $483,324
Kentuckians Against Illegal Gambling $348,763
KY Chamber of Commerce $198,981
American Civil Liberties Union of KY $141,004
Pace-O-Matic of KY $110,150
KY Medical Association $98,047
KY Hospital Association $95,946
Altria Client Services LLC $94,182
Keeneland Association, Inc. $87,586
LG&E and KU Energy LLC $85,161
Greater Louisville, Inc. $79,407
Duke Energy $77,920
KY League of Cities $73,133
Elevance Health & Affiliates DBA Anthem Inc. $66,068
KY Retail Federation, Inc. $62,607
KY Bankers Association $55,780
KY Power Company $55,720
Sports Betting Alliance $54,644
Fairness Campaign $54,389
KY Distillers’ Assn. $53,188

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