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Tuesday EVENT in Frankfort: Stop SB 138

Multiple groups are holding a Frankfort press conference on Tuesday morning to call on the House to stop SB 138. Here’s the details.

Via press release from Mighty Shades of Ebony and other groups

WHAT: Press conference about SB 138

WHEN: Tuesday, March 15, 9:30 AM

WHERE: Room 125 in Capitol Annex, Frankfort

We must stop the KY Legislature from passing SB 138!!!! We are reaching out to the community to help us stand against this destructive bill which has already passed in the Senate.

MSE helped crush HB 14 and HB 18, the anit-CRT gag bills. We went back to the the Capitol on 3/10/22, to meet with legislators concerning SB 138, which seeks to outlaw student advocacy and targets students that are in the LGBTQ+ community and much more. MSE is not going to lay down for this.

We are calling on the community to come to Frankfort and attend the press conference to support us as we continue to fight for what is right!

For more information, contact Gay Adelmann at 502-565-8397.