You own one of these? YOU get a tax break! (photo by Yuri G. / Unsplash)

Want to know about tax breaks? Check out this new resource from KCEP.

Forward Kentucky
Forward Kentucky

For years, the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy has been calling out the massive amount of money lost from Kentucky’s budget through tax breaks, giveaways, and corporate welfare. Now they’ve put all the ones on the table in this year’s General Assembly into one easy to scan and understand list.

They will be updating the list as the session goes along, so check back here for updates. So far, the list includes:

  • HB 379: Tax break for data centers
  • HB 447: Tax exemption for private aircraft
  • HB 308: Investment company giveaway
  • HB 333: Another tax break for banks
  • HB 144 and HB 1: Lowering business’ unemployment taxes

Read more about each of these at the KCEP Corporate Tax Break Watch: 2022 General Assembly.


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