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A new feature, and updates on newsletters

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Notes from Bruce

In this week’s all-member newsletter, I’ve got a new feature to announce, a few updates about our various newsletters.

The weekly news quiz

We have added an interactive news quiz to the size! It comes from The Conversation, and they have graciously said we could post it for our readers.

It is aimed at national and international news stories, so it’s not Kentucky-specific. (We could get a custom one with only Kentucky content, but it costs $$; the national one is free. 😉)

It will get posted every Friday, so watch for it. And, we may start giving away prizes to anyone who send in a screenshot of a perfect score! So see just how much of a news junkie you are by taking this week’s quiz.

Newsletter update

I’ve noticed a number of you signing up for newsletters that aren’t accessible to you because they are for a higher membership level. I’ve also noticed many of you are not signing up for newsletters you could get.

Obviously, I want everyone to get all the value out of Forward Kentucky that they can. So, remember that no matter your member level, you can sign up for these free newsletters:

  • The weekly member newsletter (this one)
  • The Daily Story list
  • Action Alerts

All our newsletters are described on this page. So take a look at that, then click the Account button at bottom right or the Account link at the top of any page, and turn on all the newsletters you want and are available to you.

* — * — *

Okay, that’s all the Bruce-notes for this week. Have a great week!


This week’s content

Most-viewed post this week

Emerge KY announces newest class
This is the 14th class of Dem women to go through the Emerge program.

Media this week

Filing Day 2023
Robert and Jazmin cover who’s in, who’s NOT in, and what the matchups look like.
The inside scoop on KYGA23 w/ Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson
Plus, the State of the Commonwealth speech, and an ironic contribution the RPK building fund.

Stories this week

Once again, the dog that didn’t bark
When politicians get revved up about an issue, but leave out the most glaring examples of it, that tells you something.
Booker joins Beshear administration
Will lead the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives and Community Involvement
A new feature – the Weekly News Quiz!
Think you know this week’s news? Take the quiz and find out!
News & Notes for Thursday, 1/12
News and politics snippets from across the Commonwealth
Beshear has 7th-highest approval rating in country
60% of all voters approve of his performance as governor – including 46% of Republicans
Money and violence, in football and politics
We’ve now entered the era of “free-agent politicians,” more interested in power and money than in actually governing.
Kentuckians worry about impact of new income-tax cuts
Could the surpluses be used for something else, rather than tax cuts?
KY AFL-CIO makes history in endorsement of Beshear
Earliest endorsement ever of a candidate by the union
Poor Kevin McCarthy: He can’t win for losing
McCarthy won a title. The far-far-right Freedom Caucus won everything else. And the rest of us lost.
Want to be an effective advocate? Attend this free event!
This three-hour webinar will teach you the best way to get your voice heard in Frankfort.
School districts sue to stop charter school law
The districts were told by the General Assembly they had to authorize charter schools in their local district.
Rural editor dreads writing her column
‘The world has become an ugly place for us to exchange ideas and thoughts,’ with ‘baseless cynicism and unwillingness to think’
‘What did McCarthy promise?’
Concerns raised over backroom deals with GOP extremists (via Common Dreams)
News & Notes for Monday
Items about politics, politicians, policy, and government in genera.
The puppet now running the House
In the end, Matt Gaetz and his buds told McCarthy to jump, and he asked “How high?”
Bill Straub: Jamie Comer, the fascinating Rubber Man, is turning into a MAGA hero before our very eyes
Comer: “When you talk about what the Biden family was doing, I’m not sure it was illegal.”

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